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Hãng sản xuất: Buma

Quiet Operation
The unique design of air end which minimizes the noise during air compressing process. The Silencer and Sirocco fan have been simulated by air flow analysis before manufacturing, which reduce air friction noise remarkably. Air Compressor is covered with high density sound absorbing material to meet the sound-proof qualification. Also unique quick ventilation valve which is designed for eliminating unloading noise is installed.
Energy Saving
BUMATEC has developed big size screw rotor of air end by high precision machining process, and as a result we’ve achieved the best clearance of the rotor which is the highest level of air flow rate in the world. There is no intermediate speed control mechanism between motor and rotor for increasing driving power efficiency. And there is also high efficient centrifugal fan and energy saving intake valve system applied.
Human-oriented Arrangement
BUMATEC’s air compressor is designed for convenient maintenance. All the parts are arranged and assembled for easy maintenance - mobile hinged doors, bolted separator tank cover with O-ring seal, and etc. Furthermore, it is simple to clean inside of air compressor.

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